Injectors are here!

Injectors are here!

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The Messer Co Stamina Injector is here!  Available in a blood and nanite version these injectors are a must have for those fights where you just do not have enough stamina to do that last blast of damage or that last heal to keep you alive.

+They say that immortality beckoned at the hands of the King of Kings. His fingers wrapped the chalice of eternal life, his lips pressing the very edge of forever. When the sun rose, his wizened vision cracked open the clouds and tore from the dawn a new age of man. Alas, when this King grew tired, his armored knee pressed heavy to the mud, rain washing away the sweat from his brow; the world did weep. When he fell, technology took his place, a King no longer needed where the wonders of invention can make you live forever. A thousand Kings in his throne, a million men at their call fiercly beating the drums of war. In this day and age the only question stands; will you fall with the past, or will you rise with technology?


+Made out of professionaly modeled mesh, the new Blood and Nanite Injectors can be used alongside any support items such a the Second Chance or even the CCS Enhanced Armor items. Only one injector may be worn at one time. Do note that you must wear the injector for an entire 60 minutes prior to use for it to be used in CCS combat.




+Granted that the rise of mesh in Second Life is taking the virtual world by storm, there is yet to be such a beautiful item out there, let alone such a useful one. These injectors, green for nanites and red for blood, are animated with moving parts and are amazingly textured. They can be attached anywhere on your avatar and fit in with any urban or post-apocalyptic look. Messer Company has gone the full mile to make sure that when you are on the battle field, you are armed to the teeth and ready to take on the world. This object itself, without the enchancements, is a must have for anyone. Gauze, check; Ibuprofen, check; Messer Company Injector, chalk it up. No autogore this time, no animations or thick lag inducing scipting. The setup is simple and lacking a confusing maze of menus. Just wear it, wait the 60 minute cooldown, and the left click the object and it will be set.


+CCS Enhancements+


–Auto Injection

-Activated when Stamina hits 0%

-Grants 30% of Max Stamina

-Cost: 30% Max Life, 1 Racial, 60s Weaken

-Duration: N/A

-Cooldown: 60 minutes (1 hour)

-Uses: Across the board, all classes depend on Stamina to cast spells and heal themselves. When someone is reduced to 0 Stamina they can no longer deal melee damage, heal, or use Stamina recovery abilities. This makes it so they can continue to do all of those things. No matter what the class, this is a very useful support item.