K98 Katana Released

K98 Katana Released

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+ A blade forged with pride;
+Cherry blossoms fall like snow;
+Winter is not here.

+The K98, master forged by M E S S E R Co. to cleave the impurities from the Apocalypse. Wastelanders find themselves relying on the folded steel, edges pristine enough to split into leather and leave limbs hewn from their frames. Fantasy types are enchanted by the inspiration put into this weapon. Oriental fanatics are left in awe at how something untouched for centuries has been refreshed without losing it’s roots. Messer has released a Katana, it seems that competition has been reinvented.

+The masses asked, “Hey Messer! When are you going to release a mesh weapon?” To the drawing boards and back, ask and you shall receive. The textures on a mesh weapon of this caliber are not only crisp and accented, but custom like the sounds, animations, professional 3D modeling and scripting. This release is by far the most impressive yet, packed with features and left in the hands of able individuals for a true Apokatana that left fans asking, “why did Messer wait this long for such a great staple weapon.”


+There is a bit of option right off the bat of the K98, with a set of texture and color options that let it match dark or light getups. Also, for enthusiasts there is choice between a curved or straight blade, making a difference between true katana or straight ninjato. With a quick lesson on blade making, the K98 stays true to oriental design; though re-imagining some of the pieces for a very post-end of the world feel. This is Messer’s first mesh build, weighing our little Oni-slaying prodigy in at five prims of land impact. Uncle say that if you aren’t using a mesh viewer, you are missing out on one of the more impressive katana weapons in Second Life to date.

+With four enhancements to choose from, ranging from damage, stamina or life steal and the controversial racial theft; you are left with no reason to worry about any other lesser-quality weapons in your arsenal. Aside from the build being perfect and the textures vibrant yet dark; the scripting is still featuring some of the best coding you can find in SL. If you have seen katanas, you have not seen the K98. This weapon is not a second attempt at making something fit the part, it is uniquely placed in the armory. Let’s not forget Autogore, Jackie! It isn’t something of the past; we still deliver original concept to our releases.

+ This sword creates fear;
+Autumn leaves of red, like blood;
+All drift to the ground.


CCS Buffs

Blood Feast
-Heals you for 1.5% of your max HP
-Adds 1.5% of their max HP LIFE damage (undodgeable)
-Cost: 2 Racials + 5% of max stamina
-Duration: 120 Seconds (2 minutes)
-Cooldown: 30 Seconds (.5 minutes)
-Message: “/me’s blade hungers for the blood of their enemies.”
-Uses: The best sustain in the game, DPS can deliver a lot of heavy blows with this buff. Aside from that, Tanks are left not having to waste support CDs on Dull Pain. The life drain and damage STACK with Rage/Cruelty; which means this is something that should be go-to for melee users. Casters and healers will find less use for this, seeing as it requires one to be toe to toe to get the best use out of it.

Vitality Leech
-Heals you for 1.5% of your max STAM
-Destroys 1.5% of their max STAM
-Cost: 2 Racials + 4% of max stamina
-Duration: 120 Seconds (2 minutes)
-Cooldown: 30 Seconds (.5 minutes)
-Message: “makes a thousand tiny cuts, draining their opponents strength will boosting their own.”
-Uses: This is a staple buff in melee weapons, DPS need this frequently to keep themselves from losing damage to lack of stamina. Tanks will most likely keep this up to be a utility for their party. Absorbing damage and taking down Stam pools is the best way to utilize a Tank between stuns. However, Casters and Healers need this the most. Keeping their own stamina pools lively during a close-quarters fight is ideal. Closing the gap and tapping someone a few times with this buff between cooldowns is THE way to win.

Power Drain
-Grants you 1 racial point.
-Destroys 1 enemy racial point and weakens them for 10 seconds. (Available every 30 seconds)
-Cost: 2% of your max stam per proc.
-Duration: Permanent (permanent toggle, disengages on toggle or another buff selection)
-Cooldown: None
-Message: “/me’s blade saps their opponent’s power away…”
-Uses: If you are an old CCSer, you remember when this buff was added to the mix. This is still the most popular and widely requested buff in API weapons. No matter what the class, being low on racials prevents you from performing, and keeping this on toggle when you have the upper hand adds insult to injury.

Razor Edge.
-Deals 40 (+ your level) DOT damge. 20% chance to hit.
-Additional 3% LIFE damage to Humans and Lycans.
-Cost: 3 Racials and 6% of your stamina.
-Duration: 120 Seconds (2 minutes)
-Cooldown: 60 Seconds (1 minute)
-Message: “/me’s blade glints in the light, flashing its razor sharp, silver edge.”
-Uses: If it is a Lycan or Human target, this buff should be the go-to over top of the Blood Feast buff. However, if you are a Caster or DPS this buff still might be a good choice, as they lack powerful swings, but Blood Feast still grants a huge boon to damage while offering sustain. If they are Human or Lycan DPS and Tanks should be swapping out to this buff no matter what the situation is; it offers a large amount of noticeable damage that can end fights before they even start with well placed stun cooldowns.

Chat Commands

NOTE: This weapon listens on channel 8 ONLY by default. This means all commands should be prefixed
with /8 unless you change the defaults.
channel CHANNEL
Change the default listen from channel 8 to channel CHANNEL, where CHANNEL is any valid number
color blade <r,g,b>
changes the blade color using rgb codes
color grip <r,g,b>
changes the grip color using rgb codes
Opens the last opened menu
menu main
Opens the main menu
Draws the weapon
Sheaths the weapon
Cleans your blades, if gored by autogore
stance on|off
Enables/disables stance animation (Specific either on or off)
walk on|off
Enables/disables walk animation (Specific either on or off)
run on|off
Enables/disables run animation (Specific either on or off)
verbose on|off
Enables/disables verbose weapon feedback. (Specific either on or off)
system SYSTEM
Enables the damage system named SYSTEM. If given without argument, or passed
an incorrect system name, it will report the available systems instead

When using the CCS damage system:
Trigger blood feast
Trigger vitality leech
Trigger power drain
Trigger razors edge



Style [Style submenu]
Anims [Animation submenu]
AnimSet: Choose animation set
Walk: Toggle walking animation
Run: Toggle run animation
Stance: Toggle stance animation
Gore [Gore submenu]
AutoGore: Automatically bloody blade during fighting
Clean/Bloody/Gore: Disable autogore and force respective gore look
Resize [Resizer submenu]
Save: Saves current scale to webdb
Load: Loads current scale from webdb
Original: Restores scale to the original scale
Blade Type [BladeType submenu]
Choose a blade type, curved or straight
Guard Type [Guardtype submenu]
Choose a guard type, curved or straight
Textures [Texture submenu]
Choose a blade texture
Color [Color submenu]
Grip [Grip color submenu]
Choose a color for the grip (Disables themes)
Blade [Blade color submenu]
Choose a color for the blade (Disables themes. keeps blade texture)
Theme [Theme submenu]
Prefabricated themes for the K98, for that unique look
Settings [Settings submenu]
System [System submenu]
Choose the damage system compatible to your combat/roleplay sim
Webdb [Webdb submenu]
Enable/Disable: Enable/Disable webdb respectively
SaveAll: Force a save of all webdb values
LoadAll: Force a reload of all webdb values
DeleteAll: Delete all stored values from webdb
Verbose: Toggle verbosity. With verbose off, some feedback messages are surpressed
Memory: Display HISTORIC (!) free memory for all scripts.
(See http://lslwiki.net/lslwiki/wakka.php?wakka=llGetFreeMemory)
Auth: Display object keys for authenticated weapons. Really a developer debug option kept in for novelty
Reset: Request a script reset of all scripts inside the weapon
Draw/Sheath: Draw/sheath your weapon respectively
Clean: Clean your blades, if gored by autogore
Help: Give this manual


+ Included Gestures and HUDs Custom Made for this Weapon.
+ CCS Health, Stamina and Racial Theft.
+ CCS Damage Buff vs Lycans and Humans.
+ Custom build, textures, animations, scripting and sounds.
+ A lifetime of updates for the weapon.
+ Linden and BNWCS Damage enhancements.
+ Safe Zone Combat Support.



First and foremost, there is an overlying rule of “IF THEY ARE A LYCAN OR HUMAN, USE RAZOR EDGE.” Also, you should be micro-managing the Racial Theft in between buffs if you know it is going to be a longer fight. With that said, follow the below.

Healer – Pop Racial Theft on for the start of a fight, either swap to Stam steal between thefts, or hard-swap when you are below 50% stamina.

Melee Tank/DPS – This is pretty simple, and that is when you have more than 50% stamina you should be spamming damage abilities and smashing people with the Blood Feast buff. When you need stamina switch to KO Blow or Charge and lay into them with Vitality Leech. This rotation will keep you as a threat, and most likely win you fights against people many levels higher than you. It can be argued that swapping in stuns with Blood Feast up will put on more damage, but practice just keeping up without stuns to keep more damage uptime with these buffs. Remember, if your primary buff is down, swap to Power Drain – it will turn itself off as soon as you pop Blood Feast / Vitality Leech again.

Caster – Not down and out, keep Racial Theft up and lay damage on from a distance while moving in to steal racials and then running out to keep distance. If you find yourself low on Stamina do not be afraid to swap to the Vitality Leech to make sure you keep your pool full of vitality using the same tactic of coming in for a few swings and then running out so that you can Hex them out of damage or stun them with your AoE.


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