Animation FAQ

Recently the subject of animations in CCS combat has come into debate and we wanted to make sure everyone understood why Messer Company does animations the way we do and how it does or does not affect you when using ccs.

First up the idea that the animation speed determines how often you hit in CCS.

  • The animations in any melee weapon are all for show and for lack of better words, theaterical feel..
  • Any melee weapon could have animations at the speed of light or animations that make it look like you are moving in slow motion. The animations do not determine how often you hit someone in ccs combat.
  • What does decide how fast you hit is the CCS meter itself. Having faster or slower animations will not help you hit more times per minute when it comes to CCS combat.

Why does Messer Company make their animations the speed they do?

  • First we do this because we want the animations to be as realistic as possible. Because of this we have our animator do them at certain speeds. These animation speeds in no way decide how much you hit someone in CCS.
  • We dont make our animations super fast like some out there because we value quality in our products.
  • Our items are scripted so each animation moves all the way through before going onto the next one. A lot of products if you hit W then A right after they will clip the animation off before it even finishes playing. This makes animations look choppy. And the only chopping we do is with a blade.
  • The CCS meter actually detect each hit every .35 seconds. This means if you want animations to match every hit the meter takes you would have to have animations .35 seconds long. Its impossible to make quality animations in that short timeframe.

I hope this answers everyones questions concering the animation speeds in our weapons.
The Messer Company Team