CCS vs Messer Weapons

++Ballbuster Baseball Bat – Dual Handed

The overview for this one reminds me of the fan-favorite Machete.

Healer – Always use Racial Theft, keep it up; bop someone with it, and run. This weapon is -built- for you to stay on the move, keep dropping radshots, and keep their racials low.

Melee Tank/DPS – I will be blunt, if you are not using the “Messer Classic” buff as a tank you are not getting the most out of this weapon. And if you are a DPS and not using the Stamina Steal you are failing. I will explain why, and it’s simple; as a tank you armor to use a support CD. You can drop the Damage buff onto it and be armored and buffed at the same time. As a DPS you cannot stack the DPS buff on your swings, only the % melee enhancement, but chances are you are chasing casters and healers all day. The stamina steal stacked with Charge daze will keep your pool up if you play smart and know when to Cripple.

Caster – Always, always, always rotate in Racial Theft. You can stay far away and nuke, run in for a quick bop and a weaken; then get the HELL out of their range. You can be more than effective with a strategy of rotating in the racial stealing, because that is what keeps healers and DPS on their game.

++Beheitzer Knife – Left or Right Single Handed

Fairly balanced with toggleable abilities.

Healer – As the single most controversial and used class in CCS, healers gain massive benefits from Shock Blade. This makes them a “Support” healer, rather than a backline target. Being able to weaken and chip away stamina while becoming the focus of attention, as well as healing allies and themselves; this puts a lot of power in the Healer’s hands. The weaken is great, but healers that find themselves wanting to melee duel with other players in CCS can find a great proc based damage benefit from the Messer Standard.

Melee Tank/DPS – The Sear Blade is a great sustain, making it able to add a lot of damage even when cooldowns are down. However, the Messer Standard still adds a HUGE benefit to people that can land a good positioning for luck based DPS. Between these two, Shock Blade is great in melee vs melee combat; giving you a great defensive edge to keep their stamina low weaken off the burst from glasscanon melee users.

Caster – Casters have a great place in CCS as hybrids. They can be great on the run, and make guns a very prominent weapon. However, there are a lot of people that play them as melee with their high hit % chance. This means that with the sustain from Sear Blade or the very powerful Messer Standard’s proc based damage; they can deal damage as if they were a melee DPS. However, the Shock Blade makes them great at melee dueling, as the weakness works just the same as it does for a DPS, while flattening Stam pools. Casters that do not have to waste an offensive cooldown to deal stamina damage to a healer have a leg up in combat.

++Brawler HUD – Dual Handed

The weapon that you can pick up for cheap and still get a good buff.

Healer – This weapon only offers a damage buff, not something a healer would be interested in, unless they were a melee fighter.

DPS/Tank – Like the Knuckles and the Machete, the damage buff on this will save you a support cooldown, as well as let you use reflexes, while you still have a “cruelty” like buff on. The buff is smaller than the others, though this weapon costs less and delivers a sizable punch.

Casters – Just like the Machete and Knuckles, this weapon is only good if you are looking to add some high hit % damage to someone in a melee fight, nothing more.

++Brawler Knuckles – Dual Handed

A different arrangement of buffticles for your spectacles.

Healer – With the capability to steal health, you could in theory effectively use this weapon to stay alive if someone was trying to bring you down. That plus your meter healing, it might be enough to last through a single melee DPS or tank trying to chew on your ass. However, there isn’t a lot of defense capablity in this weapon, so it is sort of a healer turn off.

DPS/Tank – This weapon does it all, and it’s a great amount of victory as it does it. First off, the damage buff is insane, making this great for the same reasons the Machete damage buffs are, being able to use a support cool-down and still do enhanced damage, or being a neko and using reflexes and keeping your damage up. Meanwhile, the 40% healing is HIGH for a good DPS damage, and the stam steal is even stronger than the E-Tool’s.

Caster – While the damage buff on it could be freaking sweet, especially with a high hit %, like the Machete, that is all casters could really use it for. The weapon looks good, sounds good, animates good, and has good melee enhancements, just think of what your playstyle entails.

++Combat Machete – Single Right Handed

Versatility, simply put. This weapon looks amazing, has great features, and has the classic Messer Co. buffs that people have come to expect.

Healer – This weapon has an armor buff, one that is very strong that does not take up a meter cool-down. In fact, the armor buff is as good as a level thirty tank’s armor, so when you are fighting melee characters, it’s a good choice.

Melee DPS/Tank – The damage buff in the Messer Machete is a classic stat buffer. You see many people use it when they go offclass or offrace. Simply, the buffs are decent if you need to pop your racial regen, in place of your support cool down that stops you from using cruelty, you can use the machete instead, as it grants the damage buff off a higher tier. Also, many Neko DPS use this so that they can use reflexes, and then they pop the damage to keep their melee swings high. No fancy words for simple tips and tricks here at Messer Co.

Caster – This weapon would only be good if you really wanted to do melee damage, or like a healer, you were being chewed on by a melee fighter. With the armor buff you can live longer, stay up to cast your spells, and survive. But with a high hit %, the damage buff is enough to knock someone on their ass, then kick them again while they are down. Let’s just say that there is no need for you to do melee damage on top of your insane meter damage.

 ++K98 Katana – Single Handed, Left or Right

First and foremost, there is an overlying rule of “IF THEY ARE A LYCAN OR HUMAN, USE RAZOR EDGE.” Also, you should be micro-managing the Racial Theft in between buffs if you know it is going to be a longer fight. With that said, follow the below.

Healer – Pop Racial Theft on for the start of a fight, either swap to Stam steal between thefts, or hard-swap when you are below 50% stamina.

Melee Tank/DPS – This is pretty simple, and that is when you have more than 50% stamina you should be spamming damage abilities and smashing people with the Blood Feast buff. When you need stamina switch to KO Blow or Charge and lay into them with Vitality Leech. This rotation will keep you as a threat, and most likely win you fights against people many levels higher than you. It can be argued that swapping in stuns with Blood Feast up will put on more damage, but practice just keeping up without stuns to keep more damage uptime with these buffs. Remember, if your primary buff is down, swap to Power Drain – it will turn itself off as soon as you pop Blood Feast / Vitality Leech again.

Caster – Not down and out, keep Racial Theft up and lay damage on from a distance while moving in to steal racials and then running out to keep distance. If you find yourself low on Stamina do not be afraid to swap to the Vitality Leech to make sure you keep your pool full of vitality using the same tactic of coming in for a few swings and then running out so that you can Hex them out of damage or stun them with your AoE.

++ Lycan Claws – Dual Handed

This one is for the little beasties amongst us!

Healers: With stamina drain, armor and a damage buff, this is a very versatile and powerful choice in a fight, able to cover any of your needs in a fight.

DPS/Tank: A potent damage buff, combined with racial stealing and stamina damage, these claws will help you overcome any foe, while the defensive nature of the buffs will help keep you alive, overcoming your weaker healers.

Caster: The defensive portions of this weapon, like the armor, and the weakness status effects, keep you safe if someone gets in your face, making melee a viable option for even a caster.

++Molotov Cocktails – Single Handed, left or right

This will be a simple spectrum, but most it is theorycrafting done by yours truly. Who am I? Don’t worry about who I am, just understand that I know my way around a meter.

Healer – Let’s just get technical here, this weapon benefits you most. Healers, when you are in the field, you constantly have to worry about those pesky damage dealing classes putting their wahoos in your diddlys; what do you? You run. That’s right, you take to the wind and start booking out of there like a Mormon at a Wiccan Meet Group. This weapon is great for dropping a ways off of, and running around. What’s going to happen is you are going to get a few ticks of damage on that slobbery pooch that is trying to bite your ass off.

Melee Tank/DPS – Cut the shit, this is best used for opening up on crowds. The best players in the game follow the “One-One” setup. That’s “One” right handed melee weapon, and “One” ranged weapon of any sort to get stragglers, runners, and to put some damage on them if they are low and you are a ways off of them. To be honest, this is great for a lefty, toss it on them for the impact damage and a tick of % based LIFE damage.

Caster – I know you tend to get swept under the Healer carpet with my spectrum advice, and for that I am sorry. But, there is great news for you, it’s not the same this time. S’right, you do damage, and this is Messer’s first incendiary weapon. Congratulations, you are moving up in the world. To be honest, just like the DPS you should use this to open up on crowds. Also, this is a great stack with Immolate bust damaging. If you are trying to drop someone quick, skip the hex, toss these with the burn damage of your DoT and your one handed gun or racial stealer; reap the rewards.

++Spetsnaz E-Tool – Single handed

Nothing better in Second Life, and I mean nothing.

Healer – As the most played Class in CCS it is certain that healers will always get a lot of love. The weaken buff is great for escaping, the stamina drain buf is phenominal for coming back from zero stamina; and the Messer Classic is delicious for going on the offensive.

Melee Tank/DPS – Weaken on top of a DoT, this may seem like a bit of an overkill; but it keeps you on equal footing, toe to toe with your enemy. The stamina drain is GREAT for a lot of occasions when you are fighting solo and have no means of watching your stamina and health pools; it allows you to be a bit more reckless. And let’s not forget the Messer Classic, it really is nasty when you unload on someone’s face.

Caster – Just like the Healer, this offers escaping abilities, though less used is really needed or the stamina recovery as the ranged stamina theft is still very easy to use. However, with a high hit% chance for melee swings, a Caster with the Messer Classic can do a lot of work to a squishy enemy as well as stacking on a large amount of hurt with Hex to keep them for biting right back.


++Tactical Akimbo Kukris – Single or Dual, Left or Right handed

One of the strongest damage buffing weapons in the game, no joke, no lie.

Healer – We don’t see many healers using this, as there are no defensive capabilities, sorry.

Melee DPS/Tank – Where to begin,.. ah yes, the critical strike buff. The critical strike buff is insane, and a great idea. Imagine being able to chew on someone as a DPS, and then every 5 swings or so doing a large portion of their health as damage. A lot of melee DPS use this buff, and it’s not bad for tanks either, as it does a large amount of health damage. The poison buff is great too, for when you want to deliver a hit and run technique, though the main selling point for this weapon is the crit.

Caster – Like the healers, it’s not something we see used often, though with their high hit %, the crit buff could be very useful if someone gets in your face.


++ Tactical Throwing Knives -Left or Right or Dual handed

All Classes – Use Ambush if you are throwing the first punch, use and and immediately switch into your claass functions; it will wind up winning you more fights than you are used to winning.

Healer – Your best bet would be to used Sharpened Blade to daze people off of you. This is known as “peeling” and it’s something Tanks are good at in group fights. There is no actual “drain” for the Fever Blade, so use single wield with the E-Tool for the best effect as far as absolute control. If you need to flee and heal it is never a bad idea to switch to throw to stack on some pressure while you wait for cooldowns to reset.

Melee Tank/DPS – Use dual wield, and use Fever Blade. you will chew through stamina very quickly and it’s the bane of any healer’s existence. With Charge on your fingertips the daze is not as effective as the poison and stamina damage. If you are fighting the flavor of the month Healer crowd then you are going to get a huge buff out of this. Otherwise, the “peel” on the Sharpened blade’s dual wield is really good when paired with the damage buff, and it can save you a support cooldown on top of that; hello regen abilities. The throwing ability is great for catching fleeing enemies while you wait for a charge cooldown.

Caster – A bit different from the healer, because the moving in and out to stick your poison on them is good with your DoT; and even get some of the stamina off of them if they are low. However, the Sharpened Blade is awesome with the high hit % of caster. You will smack people as hard as a DPS, nuke them with your spells, as well as churn out daze effects. (We had to remove the daze in a required update, the daze has been changed to weaken which still has a bad effect on any melee person)  If you have to get range, guess what, you can switch to ranged to peg them from afar.