CCS Dummy


This item is able to be WORN or REZZED in world.
Click the dummy to access options. Set the below values to your preference, and enjoy your use!

This Dummy features adjustable:
Power Points

When Rezzed in world this will only be a typical dummy, with adjustable HP/Stam with the option to add armor.

Dummy will register skills, like heals* and status effects! Including AOE status effects!
Dummy is the first ever to register CCS Enhanced Bullet damage! You can finally see how much damage your gun is doing!
Dummy features an adjustable race, so that you can see how your anti race weapons perform!
Dummy allows you to check the rate of your power point stealing weapons
Dummy Detects and applies armor and invulnerabilty just as CCS would
Dummys HP and Stam will go up, as healed.
NOTE: Your meter will be DETACHED to discourage attaching dummies during actual RP and ongoing CCS fights,
as well as to prevent getting both dummy and meter output when being skilled. This will show up with a message by CCS
saying it is being detached by GM request. This is normal and expected.

* SelfHeals and self buffs cannot be detected because 1) We forcibly detach your meter and 2) Even if not
detached, the CCS API does not make it possible to listen for the effects of these buffs.

Effects: Toggle reporting of status effects
Hits: Toggle reporting of hits
HitTimer: Toggle displaying of time since initial hit for all hits/status effects

All: Toggle between allowing anyone to access options, or owner only (And group, if enabled – See below)
Group: Toggle group access to settings. If rezzed, will check against the group group, if worn, will check against your active group