CCS vs Messer Weapons

Animation FAQ

Weapon Slots


Q: Where can I find a vendor?

A: Our main store is located in South Gate.  We have other stores in Sanctuary and many other CCS Sims have affiliate vendors.

Q: Why am I getting a script error that says HTTP 499 or webdb connection lost error?

If you are getting this error then your weapon is out of date.  In the past we had a scripter that used a webdb to store each individuals custom settings.  While this worked great at the time it turned problematic as time went on and Second Life changed. We have since removed the webdb option and all of the weapons no longer have it.

To get an updated weapon simply use any redelivery terminal or click any Messer vendor and pick the redelivery option.

Q: What makes Messer Co. Better?

A: Messer features unique weapons that broad the specturm of what you would utilize in combat, as well as weapons that are uncommonly sought after. All Messer Co. weapons are custom built utilizing the “sculpt” feature of SL, textured only with top quality Hi-Rez custom textures, and animated by a master at their craft. To sum that up, you get much more than what you pay for.

Q: Can I get a custom built weapon?

A: No, Messer does NOT do customs for more than one reason. For one, it is AGAINST most combat system’s rules to sell something that is not offered to ALL PLAYERS. If you were to break the rules of one combat system, you break the rules in all. Also, the work load is copius for a high-traffic company, and to put more strain on the employees is not worth the money, their effort is valued.

Q: Can you just put your scripts into my weapon?

A: Absolutely not, this is non-negotiable, see above for reasons why.

Q: Can you build me a weapon and sell it to everyone?

A: You are welcome to suggest design ideas, however we have that mostly covered. Contact a Customer Service Representative  if you have a design you really think would catch our eye.

Q: How much do your weapons cost?

A: They range from 475L to 1200L.

Q: Can I get a refund? Exchange?

A: We do not offer refunds or exchanges of any kind or any reason. The weapons are all sold as no mod, no transfer so we cannot offer exchanges or refunds and just let you keep the weapon.

Q: I paid for a weapon but I never got it!

A:  First make sure you do not have Stormy Wilde muted.  If you don’t then go to our main store and use the redelivery terminal. This will work for all purchases made in world and on the Marketplace.  If this still does not work then feel free to join our group and contact a CSR.

Q: How do I become an affiliate vendor?

A: Affiliate vendors are for sale for 100L in our main store, with free updates  sent out as needed.

Q: Will you sponsor my event?

A: That depends on the event and what exactly you are looking for. Please fill out the form located on our Event Calendar page and we will get back to you asap.

Q: I think I found a bug in one of the weapons. Who do I contact?

A: You can contact any of the support staff by joining our update/support group in world.

Q: I need help with my Messer weapon. Who do I contact?

A: Messer Company has several customer support reps. In Second Life you can join our support/update group and get free support for your Messer Company products that way.