Lycan Claws


The legend of the werewolves have spanned many ages and many different cultures. In fact, most ancient cultures have tales of beasts that could turn to men…. or Men that could turn to beasts, the fearsome wolf being one of the most common of these legends. These legends had many common features, mostly, taking on feral characteristics under the light of the moon, rage, strength, and a fearsome hunger for flesh.
Now, thanks to MesserCo the fearsome power of these legendary beasts are at your disposal. These claws take on many facets of the Lycantrope legend, and combine them into one powerful set of claws, to enable you to rend and tear your foes…. with your own claws.
Wirey fur leads to strong, powerfully clawed hands, with razor sharp claws to rend and slash at your foes, while the special bite attack pounces and tears into your enemies flesh, hungrily consuming them to make yourself strong… these claws, backed my a monsters strength, frequently reduced foes to a pile of gore…



NOTE: This weapon listens on channel 8 ONLY by default. This means all commands should be prefixed
with /8 unless you change the defaults.

channel CHANNEL
Change the default listen from channel 8 to channel CHANNEL, where CHANNEL is any valid number
Opens the last opened menu
menu main
Opens the main menu
Draws the weapon
Sheaths the weapon
Cleans your blades, if gored by autogore
stance on|off
Enables/disables stance animation (Specific either on or off)
walk on|off
Enables/disables walk animation (Specific either on or off)
run on|off
Enables/disables run animation (Specific either on or off)
verbose on|off
Enables/disables verbose weapon feedback. (Specific either on or off)
system SYSTEM
Enables the damage system named SYSTEM. If given without argument, or passed
an incorrect system name, it will report the available systems instead

When using the CCS damage system:
Trigger Berserk (Armor buff)
Trigger Harry Foe (Stamina steal)
Trigger Frenzy (Damage/daze buff)
Trigger Hunger (Bite special attack)



Style [Style submenu]
Anims [Animation submenu]
AnimSet: Choose animation set
Walk: Toggle walking animation
Run: Toggle run animation
Stance: Toggle stance animation
Gore [Gore submenu]
AutoGore: Automatically bloody blade during fighting
Clean/Bloody/Gore: Disable autogore and force respective gore look
Resize [Resizer submenu]
Original: Restores scale to the original scale
Theme [Theme submenu]
Texture [Textures submenu]
Pick a texture theme from the list to apply it to your claws
Color [Color tint submenu]
Help: Give coloring instructions as owner chat
Original: Revert to original color tint
InvisiPrim [Invisiprim submenu]
Enable/disable invisiprims here. Default, recommended setting is disabled
Settings [Settings submenu]
System [System submenu]
Choose the damage system compatible to your combat/roleplay sim
Verbose: Toggle verbosity. With verbose off, some feedback messages are surpressed
Memory: Display HISTORIC (!) free memory for all scripts.
Auth: Display object keys for authenticated weapons. Really a developer debug option kept in for novelty
Reset: Request a script reset of all scripts inside the weapon
Draw/Sheath: Draw/sheath your weapon respectively
Clean: Clean your blades, if gored by autogore
Help: Give this manual



Three base textures are provided to match the general color theme of your avatar. These can be selected via Theme⇨Texture⇨
Additionally, the claws can be colored further using the standard SL color floater and changing the color on one of the upper
arm pieces. Changes to these pieces will sync to the claws themselves as well. See Theme⇨Color⇨Help for detailed instructions.


Because these claws are made to replace your avatars arms and hands, part of your avatar will likely need to be
hidden to prevent skin from showing through. A number of alpha layers are supplied for users with a viewer 2.0
based viewer, or third party viewer which has alpha layers backported. (Most do. If you can wear the alpha layer,
yours does) The individual textures used for the alpha layers are also supplied, making it possible to combine
them with another alpha layer in case you need to hide other parts of your body as well.

If for some reason you cannot use the alpha layers, there is the option to enable to invisiprims instead under
Theme⇨InvisiPrim⇨. As invisiprims causes inworld objects that contain some transparency, water, and other avatars to be hidden when viewed through the invisiprim, it is recommended to use alpha layers instead if at
all possible.


All enhancements work in DUAL WIELD ONLY. The Claws will only do unenhanced, base damage when not being dual wielded.

Berserk (Armor)

Cost: Berserk for 10 seconds, 3 racials
Effect: 30 + 0.5*level armor
Extra 3% mele against vampires and nekos per hit
Duration: 2 minutes
Cool down: 1 minute

Harry Foe (Stamina steal)

Cost: 10% life
Effect: 1.25% stamina steal per hit (You gain 1.25%, target looses 1.25%)
Duration: 90 seconds
Cooldown: 45 seconds

Frenzy (Damage/weaken)

Cost: 3 racials
Effect: 30% chance of 10 second weaken per hit, maximum of one proc every 5 seconds
+50 to base damage per hit
Extra 2% mele per hit
Duration: 2 minutes
Cooldown: 1 minute

Special attack: Hunger

Effect: Pounces target
Steals one racial
Damages 2% life
Cost: Weaken for 3 seconds, 1.5% stamina
Cooldown: 40 seconds