Tactical Akimbo Kukri


Probably themost interesting of weapons in the Messer arsenal, the Tactical Akimbo Kukris or “Gurkha Blades” are nothing short of eye openers. To start with dismbiguation, “Akimbo” in common weaponry terms simply means to Dual-Wield. And a Kukri is a bent bladed as well as weighted chopping tool with a pointed end that can be used for stabbing. Originating in Nepal, the Kukri is not to be mistaken for the ancient Sica that was used by gladiators to get around shields. The bend in the blade is to weight it’s swing and make it travel to it’s target faster.

Nepalese ethnic groups us this weapon for many purposes. From one end of the spectrum it is use ceremoniously, something needed to be worn by the groom at weddings. The other end a simple utility knife, and everything in between. The pride of their Army and their people rests in this blade, as it is still a commonly seen tool in the country of origin. Holding different names for the parts, it would be quite uncustomary to explain each piece. But interested people can find readily available lists of the part using the internet.

Weighing in at about two pounds, eighteen inches long per blade, the kukri is an impressive weapon to use, let alone two of them. The blade is sharpened on the inner edge of the blade, and a notch is located at the end, near the handle, so that sap and blood drip off of it without it getting on the wielders hand. More modern versions of the blade lack this notch, but add features like steel-cum-flint which is a type of steel laced with flint so that it can be struck with tinder to start a fire.



NOTE: This weapon listens on channel 8 ONLY by default. This means all commands should be prefixed
with /8 unless you change the defaults.

channel CHANNEL
Change the default listen from channel 8 to channel CHANNEL, where CHANNEL is any valid number
Opens the last opened menu
menu main
Opens the main menu
Draws the weapon
Sheaths the weapon
Cleans your blades, if gored by autogore
stance on|off
Enables/disables stance animation (Specific either on or off)
walk on|off
Enables/disables walk animation (Specific either on or off)
run on|off
Enables/disables run animation (Specific either on or off)
*** NOTE: Walk and run animation currently use the SL standard animations ***
*** A custom walk and run animation are in the works and will be included in ***
*** a future update. Until then, toggling walk and run has little effect ***
verbose on|off
Enables/disables verbose weapon feedback. (Specific either on or off)
system SYSTEM
Enables the damage system named SYSTEM. If given without argument, or passed
an incorrect system name, it will report the available systems instead

When using the CCS damage system:
Trigger poison
Trigger critial hits/damage
Trigger stamina steal



Style [Style submenu]
Anims [Animation submenu]
*** NOTE: Walk and run animation currently use the SL standard animations ***
*** A custom walk and run animation are in the works and will be included in ***
*** a future update. Until then, toggling walk and run has little effect ***
AnimSet: Choose animation set
Walk: Toggle walking animation
Run: Toggle run animation
Stance: Toggle stance animation
Gore [Gore submenu]
AutoGore: Automatically bloody blade during fighting
Clean/Bloody/Slick/Gore: Disable autogore and force respective gore look
BladeSize: [Blade submenu]
Choose your blade size
Textures [Texture submenu]
Choose a blade texture
Resize [Resizer submenu]
Original: Restores scale to the original scale
Settings [Settings submenu]
System [System submenu]
Choose the damage system compatible to your combat/roleplay sim
Verbose: Toggle verbosity. With verbose off, some feedback messages are surpressed
Memory: Display HISTORIC (!) free memory for all scripts.
(See http://lslwiki.net/lslwiki/wakka.php?wakka=llGetFreeMemory)
Auth: Display object keys for authenticated weapons. Really a developer debug option kept in for novelty
Reset: Request a script reset of all scripts inside the weapon
Draw/Sheath: Draw/sheath your weapon respectively
Clean: Clean your blades, if gored by autogore
Help: Give this manual



Poisoned Blade

Single: 20% chance to inflict / Dual: 40% chance to inflict
Single: 20+lvl damage for 20 seconds / Dual: 40+lvl damage for 20 seconds
cost 8% stam
duration 90 seconds
cooldown 45 seconds

Critical Hit/Damage

Single: Base + 35 damage and seperate 1% MELE per hit / Dual: Base + 50 damage and seperate 2% MELE per hit
Single: 12% chance to curse for 3 seonds / Dual: 25% chance to curse for 6 seconds
Cost: 3 racials
Duration: 2 minutes
Cooldown:45 second

Stamina Steal

Single: Triggers every 8th hit / Dual: Triggers every 5th hit
Single: Opponent loses 3% stamina / Dual: Opponent loses 5% stamina
Single: You gain 3% stamina / Dual: You gain 5% stamina
Cost : 8% LIFE/5%MELE
Duration: 1 minute
Cooldown 30 seconds