Ball Buster Baseball Bat

Hey, hey pal, lemme tell ya’ ’bout this new thing at M E S S E R Co. I know what ya’ thinkin’, but lemme tell ya’ that this ain’t just anotha’ stick. Boom! Knock ’em outta the park with this one! Custom animations that look crisp, real MLB shit right here. A build that’s not ya’ poppa’s crackerjacks, and did I mention spikes? No rookie business over here pal. Low lag, Auto-Gore from the original maker. Hoo hoo! Ya’ ain’t seen nothin’ yet!

Not a single thing at Messer is off of the exchange or reworked. It’s custom, tightened around the nuts for a completely custom build. I’m talking textures, scripting, the sounds that pop off when you -really- bust someone’s balls. Let’s not forget the sculpted build and the animations that were made by professionals in the game to bring you a real immersed experience. Thanks ahead of time for picking up yet another amazing Messer release.

Honestly, you haven’t seen a more well rounded weapon since the Machete originally released -way- back when in the land of before. Offering the “Spectrum” of buffs that cover every class and every situation, as all Messer weapons tend to do; you aren’t just picking up a stick with nails through it. You are picking up a dependable best friend,.. with,.. nails through it. Look, cast aside doubt when you bring yourself to terms with the sleek build that will leave you saying “Boink,” “Bonk,” and talking in a Boston accent in no time. Being brought to home plate is the Messer Company Ball-Buster Bat. Do you play in a Post-Apoc sim? Fantasy? How about Future, Sci-Fi, Star Wars, Medieval, Pok√®mon, Underwater, Dark or Sexual. This bat can be tied into any of those,.. believe me, I’ve seen it.

Coming in “Bust Ya Face” metal or “Smash Ya Nuts” wood, you do get choices on what point of beating out all of someone’s blood you can be doing. All TF2 jokes aside, it’s a damn good weapon by design; you see a lot of bats. But when was the last time you saw a good one? The swings will want to make you get up and Wiki Sammy Sosa, point to the sky before a few of your deliveries; and even find RP reason to smash a head or two with this bad boy. We got Life Steal, Racial Theft, Stamina Sapping, and the old fashioned “Messer Classic” which just makes you hit like an eighteen wheeler.

NOTE: This weapon listens on channel 8 ONLY by default. This means all commands should be prefixed
with /8 unless you change the defaults.

channel CHANNEL
Change the default listen from channel 8 to channel CHANNEL, where CHANNEL is any valid number
Opens the last opened menu
menu main
Opens the main menu
Draws the weapon
Sheaths the weapon
Cleans your blades, if gored by autogore
stance on
stance off
Enables/disables stance animation
walk on
walk off
Enables/disables walk animation
run on
run off
Enables/disables run animation
verbose on
verbose off
Enables/disables verbose weapon feedback.
system SYSTEM
Enables the damage system named SYSTEM. If given without argument, or passed
an incorrect system name, it will report the available systems instead

When using the CCS damage system:
Trigger Damage Buff
Trigger Stamina Steal
Trigger Racial Steal
Trigger Health Steal



Style [Style submenu]
Anims [Animation submenu]
AnimSet: Choose animation set
Walk: Toggle walking animation
Run: Toggle run animation
Stance: Toggle stance animation
Gore [Gore submenu]
AutoGore: Automatically bloody blade during fighting
Clean/Bloody/Gore: Disable autogore and force respective gore look
Resize [Resizer submenu]
Original: Restores scale to the original scale
Settings [Settings submenu]
System [System submenu]
Choose the damage system compatible to your combat/roleplay sim
Verbose: Toggle verbosity. With verbose off, some feedback messages are surpressed
Memory: Display HISTORIC (!) free memory for all scripts.
Auth: Display object keys for authenticated weapons. Really a developer debug option kept in for novelty
Reset: Request a script reset of all scripts inside the weapon
Draw/Sheath: Draw/sheath your weapon respectively
Clean: Clean your blades, if gored by autogore
Help: Give this manual


CCS Buffs

Damage Buff (“The Messer Classic”)
-50 base damage per hit
-2% melee damage per hit (the dodgable kind)
-Cost: 3 Racials
-Duration: 120 Seconds (2 minutes)
-Cooldown: 60 Seconds (1 minute)
Uses: Are you kidding me? This is the “Messer Classic”, this is what put the Machete on the map! DPS can rejoice with the -strongest- melee buff in the game, tanks can pop their armor and start buffing up to be toe to toe with anyone and everyone. There is not a better way to absolutely eliminate someone than the “Messer Classic” damage buff. Healers that need to go on the offensive, which is inevitable; you are quite welcome for something disgustingly good. Casters never find much use with this buff, unless they are a Lycan; but never fear, there are three other buffs.

Stamina Steal
-1.25% of their stamina is damaged per hit, meanwhile restoring 1.25% of your own (seperate numerical euquations, I.E; you do not GAIN 1.25% of their stam, only 1.25% of yours.)
-Cost: 10% of your maximum health
-Duration: 120 seconds (2 minutes)
-Cooldown: 45 seconds (.75 minutes)
Uses: The game is played by busting people’s stamina before their hp in MOST cases. Now, I won’t beat around the obvious professionals that actually mutilate health pools; but you always need an ace in the hole. This is the first line of assault, something that will leave people scrambling to understand what is hitting them so damn hard. DPS and Tanks will be able to refresh quick with this so they can stay in auto-run to chase down runners. Casters and Healers always need a way to finish off a low stamina pool, and this is the best mode for that, period.
Racial Theft
-Procs every 30 seconds, stealing one racial and weakening an opponent for 10 seconds.
-Cost: 2% stamina every proc.
-Duration/Cooldown: Permanant toggleable setting with no other buffs allowed.

Uses: If you have played in CCS longer than two or three days you know the importance of Racial Theft. It’s a game changer and “Ball-Buster” in it’s own sense. It destroys people, it turns them into a puddle at your feet. When someone lacks racials they cannot regenerate, they cannot buff if they are a Lycan, they really can’t do much of anything. This is crucial if you are trying to wear down a resileient player, and because it is toggleable; it’s able to be rotated into a regular buff rotation. All Archetypes benefit evenly from Racial Theft, everyone needs it, everyone fears it.

Life Steal
-Heal yourself with each connecting hit for 40% of the damage you deal (up to 25 max)
-Cost: 3 Racials
-Cooldown: 60 seconds (1 minute)
-Duration: 120 seconds (2 minutes)

Uses: This is an old buff from the system that you don’t see very often anymore. With updates and the game being tweaked; it fits into the lineup quite well. It’s actually really good to use as a Tank, because with as bulky as you are, DPS will find themselves useless against a well played Life Steal buff. And just like the bases in a good old game of ball-busting DPS can steal too, keeping themselves on their feet longer. Casters lose much use for this, as well as healers have none. But; you are picking up a melee weapon, you -must- be hitting shit with it. So it’s good to have a buff that can pull you out of the “oh crap” moments that are bound to happen.