Brawler Knuckles

1. Appearance

Colors: Steel, Red, Blue, Brass, Pink, Green, White, Black
Gems: Orange, Red, Blue, Green, Pink, Yellow, White
Spikes: Steel, Brass

2. Use

2.a. Basic melee use is the same through most of SL. Once you have the weapon visible in your hand simply hold down the left mouse button and then use either the arrow keys or W,A,S,D to move and slash. You must be holding the left mouse button down while you do this and you cannot be in mouse-look (first person mode).

2.b. To set the colors, gems and spikes say Menu in chat or type /8menu or click on the blue menu button on the HUD. Once the menu comes up click on Appearance and this will let you change the look of the knuckles.

2.c LINDEN DAMAGE- To change from normal or ccs damage to Linden Damage, click on the knuckles or type /8menu in chat. When the blue menu comes up click on System then Linden Damage.

2.d Lettering- These knuckles have the option of letting you put your own unique saying on the knuckles. The maximum length of the lettering is 8 characters long. To do this simply say in chat “letters <your saying here>”

Example: If I wanted to say MesserCo. I would type letters MesserCo.

To turn the letters off just say letters again in chat with no phrase after.

Letters available: ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ?!1234567890=+-<$#*)(%&

2.e. Animations- You can also turn the ready stance on and off. To do this simply access the menu, click on Anims and then click on StanceOn to turn it on or StanceOFF to turn it off.

2.f. HUD- The HUD attaches automatically to the bottom left position of the HUD attachment points.

3. CCS Enhancements

Buff 1: Steal HP
Effect: Restore 40% of base damage to LIFE
Cost: 2 racials
duration: 60 seconds

Buff 2: Steal Stam
Effect: Steal 8 stamina from your target every 8 seconds and give it back to yourself.
Cost: 2 racials
duration: 2 minutes

Buff 3: Bonus Buff- Brawlers rage : Each hit drove him further into frenzy… he’d only seem to hit harder with each blow
Bonus: +50 damage
Cost: 2 Racial points
Duration: 30 seconds.
Cooldown: 30 seconds